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Online project management tools

InBold Solutions comes packed with powerful characteristics for eliminating the need to have several different tools to run your business. Our Project Management Applications form activities and create milestones that will assist you to break down any project irrespective of the size and complexity of your business.

inbold project management software

Gantt Charts

Gantt charts help provide any business a visual detail of a project to visually see how things are progressing.

inbold project management tool

Project Manager

View and track all assigned tasks with friendly apps. Track progress with the use of a dashboard, gantt charts, milestones, and task applications, and easily see them all with generated reports.

inbold project management system

TimeSheets with Approval

Having many employees working on different projects can easily get confusing. InBOLD can help track project hours and approve them based on the project they are working on and who they are working with. The built-in multi-approver helps track employees that are assigned project times.

inbold online project management software

Report Builder

inBOLD’s Report Builder is an enterprise level software that is incredibly powerful yet easy to use, with beautiful features such as drag and drop. Our Reporting Tool is so incredibly advanced that you can now view or generate any report you wish to have analyzed. The development of our Reporting Tool now means users have full control over the data they want instead of relying on generic Data Reports.

inbold report builder

"We use inBOLD Project Management System religiously"

— Donald Brown —

inBOLD Collaboration

Anyone with app access can now contribute with the inBOLD discussion board. Employees, clients, vendors, or consultants that have an account can be added to this personalized board. Now contributors can all can work together, amalgamating their ideas on the fly.

inBOLD Collaboration

inBOLD File Management

Upload numerous types of files (such as csv) and seamlessly integrate them into any one of inBOLD’s applications with our Custom Mapping Tool. Never have issues with file versioning again; inBOLD has lockable and file control features in place. This control system ensures anyone needing access will be accessing only the latest copy.

inBOLD File Management


Track bugs and monitor issues. Prioritize and view live updated status changes.

inbold bug tracker

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