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Business process and customer relationship management software

Customer Relationship Management Software is designed to build a clear image of their relationship with their clients at every point. This includes first contact, ongoing sales, sales funnel, marketing, renewals, etc. InBold Solutions CRM Software improves the relationship and communication between business and its customers.

inbold crm software

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inBOLD CRM Database Software – Log All Your Activities

inBOLD will help you log all activities including sales opportunities, meetings, calls (logs), and so much more. Logging everything effectively saves you time by ensuring all prospective clients are accounted for. Never again experience the embarrassment of calling a lead you just turned to ask for information that should have been gathered already.

inbold crm software

"It’s like Excel on steroids!"

— John Danielson —

inBOLD CRM Software – Contact Management

Have a total and immersive view of your client base, including activity history, customer communications, key contacts, and discussions. Be fully prepared for every meeting, every call, and every opportunity.

inbold crm software contact management

inBOLD CRM Software – Sales Report Generator

Generate fantastic and personalized reports so you can see your top leads, accounts by industry, loss potential, your sales pipeline, and more. Having a current view of all your sales activities gives you the opportunity to be even more accurate and knowledgeable of your business.

inbold sales report generator

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