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Posted on April 11, 2014 in Blog, Timesheet

When meeting with prospective clients, one of the most common complaints are about their difficulties in getting everyone to fill in their time sheets on time. Some employees may not see the bigger picture, but missing time sheets can create huge problems for administration. These problems include missing information come billing time, incomplete project performance reports, and having to make God-awful assumptions when distributing payroll, which can be a hassle to correct in the near future.

The answer is simple: people simply dislike inputting/logging their time. It is often perceived as a clerical, tedious, and mundane task that is not productive for the employee. Time sheets also give employees the assumption that they are being “controlled from above”, which does not necessarily bolster enthusiasm either but nonetheless it is one of the boring things one must live with.

Not all hope is lost though. Managers can use these strategies to at least making time sheets at least a little more enjoyable.


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1. The Cold, Hard Truth: “I don’t get a time sheet, you don’t get paid”

This has the potential to be highly effective because it puts an employees pay at stake. It is almost guaranteed that if an employee misses their pay due to not submitting their time sheet, they are very unlikely to let it happen again.

This is known as an example of a repressive strategy, which can breed feelings of displeasure and resentment within the office.

2. Positive Reinforcement: For every week the time sheet is filled out on time, everyone gets a perk

People always enjoy perks and they can be a positive motivator

Perks cost money and so you’re going to have to allow for this extra spending in your budget

3. Nagging: Constantly telling or reminding your employees both in person or using an automative tool that they need to submit their time sheet on time

If your employees forget really easily, this will make sure they never will again

Employees can also very easily become used to the fact that they are going to be constantly reminded, in which case the strategy becomes obsolete. Also, most people just hate being nagged, period. Proceed with caution

4. The Race: First one to submit their time sheet gets a prize

“Gamifying” the workplace is all the rage these days, especially with younger employees.

In order to keep the game interesting, it might take considerably more time than you might want on your part to ensure that new ideas, updates, and changes are made

5. Social Reinforcement: Recognition will be given to groups who adhere to deadlines while others who don’t will lose perks

This may very well be a great way to promote and improve team cooperation and cohesion

One team member who may not have contributed as much as the rest may be ostrasized by the group if they all lose a perk, which would ultimately create more conflicts in the workplace

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