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Posted on May 21, 2014 in Project Management

Techopedia defines project management software as “software used for project planning, scheduling, resource allocation and change management.” The definition is kind of in the name. You or your company has a project and you need to make sure times are controlled, costs are budgeted, and tasks are divvied properly. This is to ensure that there is collaboration and communication between all the stakeholders in the project.

Primarily, project management software caters to project planning, task management, document sharing and collaboration, calendar and contact sharing, bug and error management, and time tracking. Project planning allows a project manager to outline the different tasks that must be done and describe task interactions. Task management allows for the actual creation and assignment of tasks. It also allows for the creation of deadlines and helps facilitate status reports. Document sharing and collaboration is essentially a document repository that all project stakeholders have access to. This has been shown to increase productivity. Calendar and contact sharing is the ability for the software to automatically update all project managers and stakeholders on scheduled meetings, activities, and important contacts instantly. Bug and error management is available to facilitate the reporting, notifying, updating, and viewing of bugs and errors for stakeholders. Finally, time tracking allows for keeping track of all time spent on each task, as well as for maintaining records for third-party consultants.

Web based project management software is quickly becoming very popular. All the important features mentioned are able to be accessed over the internet at significantly low costs compared to on-site systems that require hard installations on all the devices necessary. Web based project management also allows for easier updating of information to stakeholders, which saves time and money. Most web based solutions can be accessed from any browser. Only one main software must be installed and is maintained on a server but after that, multiple people can access it.

There are some disadvantages to completely web or cloud based project management software, however. For example, the particular software might be slower to respond due to the fact that it is limited by the speed of one’s internet connection. This means that, although quicker to update information, in the long run this alternative might be slower than a desktop or client application. It is up to the company and the stakeholders to deduce whether their connection speeds are up to par and if they can afford the extra time it may take to make their jobs easier in managing a project.


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