What Are Database Applications?

Posted on September 9, 2019 in Database Management

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Database web applications are tool programs patterned to collect, manage and circulate data efficiently. Many homes and small business owners develop simple databases such as customer contact numbers and mailing lists with eco-friendly software like “FileMaker Pro” and Microsoft “Access.”

While “SQL Server,”, “Oracle,” and “FoxPro” are the other examples of advanced database applications with programming languages that can be used to develop custom business solutions in networked environments.


Database applications are used to find, type, compute, account for and share data. Databases can also contain code to do mathematical and statistical calculations on the data to support queries submitted by users.

Database applications provide security by restricting access to data based upon user names and passwords. Most database applications are personalized with a database programming language to brutalize specific types of work.

Accounting Applications

An accounting system is a custom database application used to manage financial records. Practice forms are used to record assets, liabilities, stock, and transactions between buyers and suppliers.

The income statements, balance sheets, purchase orders and invoices generated are practice reports based upon data that is stored into the database. Accounting applications can run on a single system match for a small business to entertain the requirements of multiple departments and centers in larger businesses.

CRM Applications

It is another example of a database application that has been personalized to manage many tasks including sales, marketing, support relationships between an organization and it is clients. The main purpose is to increase sales, minimize production costs and raise strategic customer bonds.

Web Applications


Many contemporary websites are developed using many database applications at the same time, as core components. Most retail store websites of Amazon, Flipkart, etc. use database systems to save, upgrade and present data about goods for sale.

These websites also link an accounting database system to mark sales transactions and a CRM database tool to associate feedback and drive conclusive customers experience.

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