Why Use a Cloud Based CRM System

why use cloud base CRM

Posted on May 17, 2014 in CRM

Customer relationship management is a broad term used to describe both a business philosophy and a system of software. CRM software is used to keep track of customers and to make that information available to all aspects of the company. This is usually done with an IT based system and is only accessible on site. With the 24 hour nature of business, information available in a CRM System needs to be accessible by all and at all times.

The importance of good customer relationship management is it enables companies of any size to capture customer information and analyze the data. This way they get better product deliverance and ultimate customer service. The old way of storing this information was to put it in an IT base structure with databases and network interfaces. The downside was this information was usually only available when you’re at work at the office.

According to Wikipedia’s definition of cloud computing it involves distributed computing over a network where a program or application may run on many connected computers at the same time. What this means it is the applications run on the server, unchaining the associate or employee from his desk. The cloud essentially means the Internet. With this type of setup all of the information can be accessed by agents, supervisors and executives and it’s in real time.

Using a clouded based CRM System means money savings to the businesses that use them. Companies no longer have to purchase expensive hardware and software and the system is very easy to maintain giving support easy access to the same cloud as the software resides. Using the cloud for your CRM based system seems to be a growing trend, and has the advantage to host technology without having to maintain large databases so it’s no wonder then that cloud and the CRM industry have combined to offer a new system.

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