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Posted on September 7, 2014 in CRM

Social media has been a godsend for people and businesses alike because it gives us the ability to instantly share experiences, company feedback (both positive and negative), and ideas with millions of other people. It has introduced a new sphere of transparency for consumers to comment on their thoughts and for businesses to take more information into consideration.

Social CRM is a tool that ultimately brings businesses closer to their customers because it is a conversation-based platform that allows those businesses to see what they are doing right and what they are missing. It’s essentially a free feedback service that allows for the continuing betterment of a company’s product or service.

Having a great product or service will definitely spawn a lot of chatter. Knowing how to take advantage of this is becoming key for the continuing growth of a business. Here are 3 crucial departments within your business that can benefit from social CRM:

Your Marketing Department

Marketing is all about hitting that target audience. With social CRM, now it is much easier to monitor campaigns, which in turn makes it easier to understand and see what is and isn’t resonating with that audience. With this valuable information, you can improve yourself and at the same time give your users the satisfaction of having been a part of a major change (if that it what it comes down to).

Your Sales Department

Social CRM allows sales departments to target individual consumers more because it gives more of a gateway to tracking their progress and location. A more personalized experience can therefore be created for each user and productivity for salespeople sees the added bonus of rising.

Your Customer Support Department

A lot of people spend time on social media, so why not use that medium to interact directly with your consumers? Social CRM is perhaps one of the reasons why automated call centres are slowly dissipating because now customer service can be acquired through what most people use every single day. Of course, a more personalized solution to a particular issue can be the difference between a dedicated customer or not.

There are so many more ways social CRM can benefit businesses, and it all has to do with you! Keep that feedback coming and in no time a business perfectly catered to every user can be moulded.

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    Anton Prakash
    at 11:21 PM ·

    Hi Mark – I have read your blogs and impressed with your detailed reviews and comments. My name is Anton Prakash and I am an entrepreneur in the social media management / CRM space. I have done revamp of my product – SocialNetGate – entirely in native mobile and about to launch it. I wanted to reach out to you and request if you would be interested in reviewing the product before its launch ? To make it worth your time, I would be happy to make the product available to you free for 2 years (at this point, it is about $500 in value).
    Thanks, Anton

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