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Posted on August 30, 2014 in CRM, Inventory

In order to achieve great sales you must have effective sales tracking tools. Because sales are so important to your organization you really shouldn’t settle for anything less than exceptional.

Really good sales tracking tools should have some way of tracking productivity. Naturally you’re going to have a lot of organizational tasks from webpages to business trip itineraries to notes from meetings, and you will need some way to collaborate all of this information with your colleagues. Having this type of functionality will prevent your salespeople from wandering through a mess of information and a lot more time actually using the information they have to turn your business into a highly productive sales machine. If you want to be better equipped to manage sales strategies, reach out to your customers, and keep everything neatly organized, this tool is by far the most essential.

Another highly coveted feature used in sales tracking is the use of some type of address book. A lot of CRM customer relationship management systems have this built in and provide more than just basic functionality. The address book features of CRM programs allows your workers to give the clients they have the personalized attention they want and deserve. Having your CRM identify different kinds of connections within your large network of contacts and customers can be very helpful to your sales team. With a well implemented sales tracking tool and address book you have valuable information on how your customers know each other and your salespeople will be able to cater to their interests and experiences.

Most salespeople carry around an excessive amount of business cards that they have collected on the road and through clients. Now that most of the business world is becoming digital it only makes sense to add some type of feature to bring business cards into the digital world. A good CRM system will have some way of quickly getting the business card information into the system this can be done using some type of scanning or camera feature and can also be made into a mobile app to be used when outside the office. There are many business card reading applications on the market today available for all type of mobile devices.

Having all of these features in the sales tracking tool may seem a bit daunting at first but you can count on their capabilities to become invaluable to your sales team thus producing higher productivity, cutting down on waste of time, and see an increase in sales.

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