Sales order management : best practices for small businesses

Posted on December 1, 2016 in Nouvelle

No matter what type of product or service you’re trying to sell, managing your sales orders is one of the greatest challenges many small businesses face today. From ensuring that products are delivered on time to sending customer invoices, there are several key tasks that go into sales order management.

So what can you do to ensure that your sales order management generates effective results for your company? We’ve identified a few key best practices that will make the process go more smoothly.

Centralize Information

The rise of social media and other new media platforms in additional to traditional selling methods means that customers make their purchases in more diverse ways than ever. Whether a customer places their order from your website, a social media ad, or even an old-school call center, tracking these orders in a consolidated system is essential if you wish to fulfill orders effectively.

By using a single tracking system, you will be better prepared to fulfill orders while avoiding crucial errors that could upset customers and hurt your business. For example, InBold Solution’s inventory management software helps you by allowing you to track your inventory and notify you when your stock is running low. After all, the last thing you want is for a customer to order an item that you no longer have in stock!

InBold Solution’s system also utilizes information from your sales orders to help you manage the sales process and track order fulfillment to ensure timely delivery to your customers. By centralizing your sales and inventory information into a single sales order management software, it will be much easier to avoid sales fulfillment errors and other inventory problems.


Communication isn’t just important when you’re making a sale to a potential customer—it’s also important to ensure that sales orders are fulfilled properly. By consolidating vital information related to your sales and inventory, InBound Solution’s software also simplifies the sales communications process.

When effective communication exists between customers, suppliers, and different teams within your own company, human error is eliminated from the process. Orders are shipped on time and to the right location to provide a satisfactory transaction for the customer. Tracking within your own software system gives you peace of mind knowing that your team did the job properly.

These communications systems also enable you to respond quickly when a customer has a question or concern, helping you develop a strong positive relationship that will continue to generate sales for your company.


All your efforts to effectively manage your sales orders won’t do your company much good if you don’t invoice your customers! While some company websites allow for quick payments at the point of purchase, other companies (especially those who sell a service, like marketing or other business to business needs) depend on invoicing to receive customer payments.

Of course, if you aren’t effectively tracking the status of your customer payments, your company will likely miss out on quite a bit of profit. InBold Solution’s online invoicing software allows you to avoid this common business pitfall with customizable invoices that you can send to your customers with the click of a button.

With these and other features, you will be better equipped to track which invoices need to be sent, which payments have been received, and who still owes you money—all of which will have a huge impact on your company’s profitability.

By implementing these sales order management best practices, your company will be better equipped to deliver satisfactory results to your customers while still generating a profit. Don’t wait to start improving your sales order processes! The sooner you start working on improving this key business aspect, the easier it will be for your company to grow.

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