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Posted on January 31, 2017 in AppBuilder, Blog

Online App Builder – How They Work And Why You Need One

We live in a day and age where there is literally an app for everything- whether it is to check your calorie intake, plan your day’s activities, entertain yourself, convert currencies, book flights, secure your home, or even open your front door from the comfort of your bed. Website applications in particular come in super handy when using internet browsers. These include everything from messaging service apps to research database applications. In spite of all the convenience that web applications offer to your website visitors, to say that developing them is easy would be a gross misrepresentation of the truth. More often than not, you would need a whole lot of code and most likely an expert if you wish to come up with something functional. However, with online web builders anyone can come up with their own website application. Below is how the builder works and advantages of using this software over traditional coding systems.


How Online App Builders Work

As the name suggests, an online app builder is a tool that is used to develop website applications without making use of coded systems. The tools themselves come already coded which means that all the difficult work has already been done for you.

To make an app using online app builder tools, all you have to do is to prepare your database with all the information required then specify how you want the app to look and work. Easy as pie. This simple yet highly effective method eliminates the stress that comes with having to find experts and come up with complex codes in order to develop apps.

With online app builders, you can come up with anything whether it is an ordinary smartphone app or a more complex website application. All it needs is a little bit of imagination and the ability to handle a database.

Advantage Of Online App Builders

Online app building tools have taken the world by storm with everyone scrambling to get a taste of this easy pie. Below are a few advantages you have to look forward to while using app builders to come up with your apps.

1. It is super easy as no coding is involved

This is the marketing point and it could not possibly be emphasized enough. The very reason why online app builders were developed was to eliminate the need for coding in the process of app development. This makes work a whole lot easier for everyone whether you are an IT expert or a lost soul in the world of technology. The fact that there is no coding involved saves you a lot of mental and physical energy as you do not have to worry about coming up with the code, compiling the codes, testing then applying them. All you have to do is to feed the database and watch your baby app thrive.

2. It is super-fast with no unnecessary delays

Ordinarily, app development takes a lot of time. You might find yourself waiting days, weeks or even months. This is because the manual process involves coding, testing, debugging and so much more that costs a lot of time and energy. With online app builders on the other hand, this is not a problem you have to worry about. The automated, pre-coded nature of the tool allows you to have your results within minutes or hours. After you feed the data into the tools, all the other processes are automated for speedy development of the app.

3. Apps are easy to back up on cloud databases

More often than not, online app builders are connected directly to cloud databases. The direct connection allows fast and easy storage as well as retrieval of back up data once the app development is over. This means that your work is not only safe from prying eyes but also from any form of damage that may set you back to square one by nullifying all of your hard efforts.

4. They are easy to customize and modify

As earlier stated, the tool comes pre-coded and all you have to do is to customize your app. This customization occurs in two main ways. The first is functional where you get to determine how the app will work. This includes things like information needed from the app user; launching and general functioning of the app. Customization of the online apps may also be in terms of aesthetics. This is where you get to use the tool to format the pages and come up with themes that best describe your website and whatever message it is that you are trying to convey.

5. Anyone can use it

Think of online app builders as lifesavers for those who can’t exactly be described as tech savvy. All you need to know is how to enter data into your database. That’s it. After that you only wait a few minutes before your app is out and ready for testing.

6. It is cheaper

Coding isn’t easy work and it will cost you significant monetary investment if you wish to have yourself a functional app. You pay for the coding. You pay for the implementation. You pay for the testing. With the online builders on the other hand, this is not something you have to worry about. Think of it as a DIY project only instead of fixing a sink or painting the walls you are working on developing an app


It goes without saying that online app builders are a gift from the world of technology to the majority of us who are not blessed with the gift of tech intellect. The builders are super easy to use and are super effective when it comes to DIY development of website apps. The 5 advantages of using this software should help drive the point home that web app builders are super awesome and really worth looking into. Therefore, whether you are looking to build a customer service app for your online clients or you wish to develop and instant messaging app for your users, you can rest assured that online web builders will not let you down.

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