Make Employee Time Tracking Easier

employee time tracking made easy

Posted on May 28, 2014 in Timesheet

It is extremely important to track where and how your employees spend their time on particular jobs, especially ones that work from home. It’s not that you don’t trust them, but labelling and measuring something tends to make people take it much more seriously. Here are some ways to make employee time tracking easier.

Keeping an eye on employees even when you can’t see them is simple

Nothing can be more frustrating than seeing an employee seemingly working hard but they’re actually just updating their social media such as Facebook or Twitter. There are some software tools that allow a remote and instant boost to productivity. Time tracking software is probably the best in this case, especially ones with built-in timers. Most programs are inexpensive and very accurate. As an added benefit, employees won’t have to manually add in their hours afterward since it is already being done for them. Before purchasing time tracking software, be sure to see if it allows for unlimited users (for a preferably low cost), is easy to use, and has high quality customer support.

Paying attention to how your employees are working

Like online time tracking software, online monitoring software keeps track of what employees do on company computers. The programs can track things like keystrokes, websites visited, and prevent the downloads of certain files. Reports can then be generated so employers can see what their employees have been doing. This can very well be seen as an invasion of privacy, but depending on the company, software likes this can prevent the unintentional release of sensitive company information. It also increases worker productivity, but be sure to tell your employees that they are being monitored.

Keeping tabs on telecommuters

For contract workers who rarely report to the office, it can be very difficult to keep track of all the time they have spent on work. One way to get around this problem is to make contract work a flat fee. Trust is essential for employees of service-oriented companies. Although, if company computers are provided to telecommuting employees, then monitoring software will be able to track their work as well.

Social media will still be there at the end of the work day. The office should be used for work, but it is becoming common practice to not use monitoring software anymore, since accusations of spying and invasions of provacy are becoming more common. Time tracking software, on the other hand, is exploding in the online business marketplace. It makes employees more productive, saves money, and keeps the most accurate time spent on work when compared to employees rushing to fill in their time sheets so they can go home.

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