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Posted on August 14, 2017 in AppBuilder, Blog


The days are gone when you needed development teams to build an App required in your business. Now is the time to have one web software through which you can build the most efficient web Application needed in your business. Already it seems quite easy. IT people call it as a revolution that can make any layman a proficient IT developer. On this Web App Builder platform, you need to create, deploy and later manage. This App not only save your time and resources, but allows you to actually concentrate on your core business.


Develop App with Web App Builder Procedure from Scratch

Inbold App Builder is created by the sharp minds to make it the easier for the people. The App builder is having simple drag and drop features, where you have to select a blank form and determine your variables such as A+B=C.

  1. Click on the Create Application Button.
  2. You will find options for creating various needs based development, such as Employee management, event management, sales management, project tracker, support desk and create from scratch.
  3. Define your App with specific name, whichever you like.
  4. On entering the name, App will be created. It will take you to form property section. You need to enter the basic details required to create the form.
  5. By filling the form, you are also entering the headers for the report that will be generated on a regular basis as per requirements.

It sounds so simple and it is. Inbold App Builder is all designed to make your business easy to access and simple to run.

Now the question that comes to the mind is what the basic steps are before creating an App.

Plan Your Database

Define very clearly what you need and prepare a reverse table with the data that needs to be entered. This will give you the perfect idea to name the headers required for the App.

Fill the Forms

As you know, the user has to enter all the data related to business initially by self.

Define the Work Flow

The business owner only knows how his business is flowing. What goes after what and how it is managed? How exactly he wants the reports. So define entire work flow with pen and paper and then sit along with your developer to confirm the headers and final reports you need.


Reports are the final output that will let you know all that is going around. Define the layout of the report so that one click can give you an entire picture of where you stand. You can generate multiple reports with inBold App Builder.

Access the Application

After the final outcome is ready try accessing the App by yourself and see how it is giving the output. Is it what you exactly want? You can edit it n number of times to get the final output as per your requirements. Even after using it several times, if you feel the change is needed you can do it anytime.

Now its your turn to make own app with Inbold Online App Builder. Sign Up Now!

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