What to Look For When Choosing an Invoice Software

choosing invoicing software

Posted on November 17, 2014 in Invoice

Your business is a unique one, and thus you must always ensure that whatever software you are planning on using fits your specific requirements.

There are a very wide range of invoice software on the market today and each comes with their own unique features, navigability, and pricing. This can be a headache if you’re leveraging multiple solutions because you must evaluate each one individually. Here are a few universal criterion when looking for the best invoice software for you:

1. Search

It may seem basic, but your invoice program MUST have a search function! This is a no-brainer, but an essential tool that will help speed up all business processes. Older data sometimes has to be recalled at the drop of a hat and it is much better to quickly input some keywords into a search bar than having to find everything yourself.

2. Necessary Documents

Some businesses need more than the average arsenal invoice software provides. A really great invoice software will support anything from estimates to quotes and other documentation needs. It’s almost laughable how some software does not even support simple features like the ability to attach a vendor purchase order packing list and delivery order to an invoice. Make sure your software supports all these features, even if you may not need all of them right now.

3. $$$

Obviously cost is going to come up somewhere in your quest to find the perfect invoice software. First and foremost, you need to make sure that the software in question is affordable for your business. There are plenty of free solutions out there but they may be lacking in all the required features your business may need. Your best bet is to go for an affordable software that also has the features you need.

4. Sales tax

This one is easily missed (and can pose a problem if you do miss it). If your business is required to collect GST or sales tax on their invoices, for example, should make sure the software you choose supports the ability to do this. What can pose a problem is when a software does not fully comply with the recommended requirements of local authorities. Your invoice software should be able to support any and all requirements your local authorities have put into effect.

And there you have it. Choosing the best invoice software for your business isn’t hard but it can be a little annoying. Hopefully with the right mindset, you can get that much closer to revving up your first (and hopefully last) software. What kind of invoice software does your business use? Have you thought about giving inBOLD’s Invoicing software a try?

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