Leverage The Different Strengths Of Your Employees

Leverage the Different Strengths Of Your Employees

Posted on October 29, 2014 in HR

Small businesses are just that: small. Not having many employees means utilizing each one’s strengths to the absolute maximum is a must. Sometimes this means that team members perform more than one task. Sacrifices must be made, but each of your employees brings a unique set of skills to the table that you can leverage for an overall better business.

The key is observation. Keeping a close eye on the strengths and weaknesses of everyone in your business lets you know exactly which tasks to delegate to the absolute people.

Who Will Be Your Event Planner?

This is an easy one. Just ask yourself, who is the one person that always brings up ideas for outings, secret santas, barbecues, or a New Years party? If this person is also taking that extra step and organizing those events, sending invites, and making sure everyone is content with the planned date, then you might just have your next event planner. This person will be organized. Their work space is always clean and tidy. Finally, this person will be motivating, not only for others but also for themselves. Be on the lookout.

Who Will Be Your Customer Service Expert?

There are some people in this world with enormous amounts of empathy and one of these people may be a part of your company. When someone calls in sick or is in an unfortunate accident, who is the first person to ask you how that person is doing? Better yet, what lengths will that person go to ensure their conscience is put at ease? The one that visits the sick coworkers with a bowl of soup or plans to go to the hospital after work is definitely your new customer service expert. This person knows exactly how to make someone feel special and cared for, which is one of the most important things a company can have.

Who Will Be Your Marketing Expert?

The detail-oriented person is suitable for this type of job. Anyone that has that special “eye” for outfits, food, wine, design, and art appreciates all the finer things in life, which also means they know exactly how to showcase your company as one of those finer things. Having actual artistic talent is also a huge bonus. In this way you can save a lot of money on hiring experts for your banners, digital images, professional photos, and instead have someone with a closer relationship to the company take the marketing reigns.

Having the right staff performing the tasks they are best suited for will not only boost your company’s productivity, but will also boost worker morale. They will simply love what they are doing. Eventually, when your small business expands, you can have the leg room to give your employees the exact position best for them.

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