How to Keep From Losing Your Inventory

don't lose your inventory

Posted on April 16, 2014 in Inventory

If you run a small retail store or even a large manufacturer then you know the importance of keeping track of your stock. Companies can incur thousands of dollars in losses each year if they lack good inventory control. It can also become one of the most time-consuming functions of your company yet if it is done right can have many benefits such as tax write offs and depreciation and also offers a chance at great customer satisfaction. Manually doing inventory can be a very tedious process usually involving numerous people all counting manually the items in the inventory on a once a year basis. Some of the things you need to watch out for is having too much inventory, inaccurate inventory tracking, a lack of priorities, using spreadsheets, and not having a backup plan in case things go wrong.

The goal of inventory management is to have the goods you need in stock when you need them. Not having enough stock at any stage of the production process can jeopardize sales, but tying up too much cash in inventory can also hurt the cash flow of your company.

Inventory management software is the computer run system for tracking all of your inventory levels, your orders, your sales, and deliveries. This software is used in all sorts of different industries and can be one of the most important aspects of your company.

At inBOLD Solutions, we are offering a free inventory management system loaded with tools to help you can track & manage your inventory. This system is free so why not give it a try.


Track & manage your inventory with inBOLD Solutions.


It Is also scalable and can grow with your company. Some of the features the system offers are the ability to track the movement of your products between several warehouses, warehouse to store, and store to customer. The tracking process begins from the moment you purchased it from your supplier and does not end until your customer buys. If it were to disappear you would know exactly where giving You the opportunity to correct it so that it does not happen again.

Don’t let inventory control give you unnecessary stress. inBold Solutions inventory control management system can give you peace of mind and make your business more profitable at the same time, so check it out!

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