How invoicing software helps in growth of business?

Posted on August 9, 2016 in Invoice

How Invoicing software helps in growth of business?

What business is all about? We can describe it as providing the best of products, services and in return getting paid for. It ultimately starts and ends in payment cycles. Fast payments, fast rolling off work and speed up process of overall rolling of business can be achieved through invoicing software.

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Faster Payment Cycles

Seeking out on the best options for speeding up the payment process is all incorporated with the inbold solutions invoice software. Inbold solutions uses the most professional way of generating invoices and sending directly to the mailbox of the client. To top it all, it makes it simpler for the clients to complete payment from the email only by clicking on “Pay Now” button. It lets no time gap or later on tendency to creep in your professional payment cycles.

Easy Accessibility

You may find many invoicing software online, but inBold is providing the only online web based invoicing software for free use. Providing for free means you trust your product to the extent that it is definitely going to get quality business for you. You just need to enter your name, email to start using it. Being a web based software, you can access it anytime from anywhere. There is no point in waiting to reach office to track any invoice or look at the dashboard for profit, loss, business expenses.


Total Control of Business Owner

How about having a complete financial transaction just a click away? InBold solutions provide something very near to this. You can get entire dashboard customize as per your need to have a complete insight of transactions. Whose payments are pending and to whom you have to pay. This way you can have a one shot report of profit and loss done in your business. Just imagine yourself commuting and you get some idea, click your Smartphone and take the dashboard to get the clear insight for execution of that idea. Don’t you think it can make processes smooth and fast to roll actual business?

Your very own work flow process

What makes inbold solutions unique is the precise definition of workflow. It allows the user to create as many business rules as they want. Above all, you can configure “Aprroval” system for processes to keep the key decisions in your hands. Attach PDF, send email and generate customized reports as per your requirements with inBold Solutions online web based invoicing software.

Your Data Security is our concern

One more concern that business owners have been data security. InBold solutions provide a higher level of data security compared to any hard drive, desktops or laptops where you can have your data.

So we have very well defined the use of invoicing software and how inBold invoicing software is best for medium and small businesses.

In one word, we can describe it as

  1. Time saving
  2. Organized way of working
  3. Better management
  4. Better security of data
  5. One touch Business transaction details
  6. Going Green totally


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