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Posted on June 28, 2014 in Invoice

In today’s world of big business having a successful accounting process is a must. It does not matter how successful your product is or how large your earning potential is if you’re not generating cash flow than your business will dry up. As your company grows you will find that manual invoicing is inefficient and costly. The need for an automated system using a reliable invoicing software becomes necessary.

When it comes to invoicing there are some things you need to keep in mind. Firstly, invoicing must comply with all government regulations and tax laws. You also want to be able to make reports quickly and easily such as cash flow predictions, aged debtor analysis and statutory accounts and this procedure for any small business can be extremely tasking. Normally a company would have an accountant to do this but that becomes very costly especially to the small business and can slow things down quite a bit.

When you invest in an online invoicing software your company will retain its administrative structure yet all of the hard accounting work will be done for you. The only things that you need to do are to input basic information such as the customer name and address, the software will take you through the rest of the steps. Other information can be stored and customized in an online invoicing system and can be retrieved easily and quickly with no need to repeat things each time.

Other benefits of using an online invoicing system are better organization for keeping track of which invoices were sent, paid or are overdue. The company can demonstrate greater professionalism by always knowing which customers have paid in which customers have not. Nothing can be more embarrassing than asking a customer whether or not a customer paid you all ready.

Do you wonder how much money you made last year, which of your clients paid the fastest, how many fees are you handing over for online services such as PayPal? An online invoicing system can give you greater insight into the aspects of your accounting and it can be extremely valuable information for your growth and strategy. A well-designed system that complies with all government and tax regulations will provide you with a complete audit trail making any dealings with these institutions painless and accurate.

inBOLD Solutions provides an online invoicing solution that allows you to tailor your invoices to your company brand. You can easily customize your invoice to suit all your needs. inBOLD invoice comes preloaded with dozens of templates to get you started. Adding a logo is as simple as dragging and dropping. If convenience is what you need, inBOLD is the right choice. We gives you the power to access your invoices anywhere you go, simply login and create invoices on-the-fly. There is also recurring invoices and auto payments. With many more features inBOLD Solutions invoicing system takes the headaches out of a lot of your accounting processes.

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