Inventory Management System and Its Features Which You Must Require

Posted on August 28, 2019 in Inventory

Ruby Dutt


The software you select should provide all the characteristics that are important for effective inventory management operations.

Here is an active overview of what to look out for:

Barcode Scanning: Eco-friendly to identify and find your products; online inventory management software assimilate with barcode scanners for rapid product recognition and labeling.

Inventory Optimization: Manage just the right amount of stock for each product, without over or under stocking any product. It is especially effective if you deal in products that experience an occasional rise and fall in demand.

Inventory Notifications: Receive alerts and notifications when there is over- or under-stocking after a determined approach. This assists you to place orders or gives promotional discounts to clear out bonus stock.

Report Creation: Review sales history in the form of a list of your most liked products. This characteristic also enables you to maintain items in your stock that have not reached the sales levels you expected, for instance, by providing discounts on them.


Multi-Location Management: Handle multiple warehouses and point-of-sale (POS). Each point can be integrated within an inventory control and management.

Stock Returns Handling: Manage returns more effectively by reducing time-to-return through automation of the rest of the procedure.

Material Grouping: Group stock into predefined categories and ensure you are always updated about quantities of elements and particulars that make up your product stock, and handle their reordering schedules as required.

Purchase Order Records: Make a single view of purchase order histories. You can conveniently recognize which products are in demand, both endlessly and seasonally as well; in addition to that, arrange to meet your customers’ requirements.

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