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Posted on July 23, 2015 in Inventory

With enormous development, spread and growth of online communication along with sprouting of numerous social media, most of the companies have gone online regardless of the types or nature of the products. For the start-ups, online business has become very attractive since it offers many cheap yet effective way to showcase the inventories in many platforms specially websites, blogs, YouTube, Facebook, etc. With effective business planning and execution you can be successful in advertising and selling a wide variety of inventories online. The following steps if followed will ensure your success in online inventory management to promote your business.

Creating your own website

Most of us now go for internet to look into the products before going in body. With an attractive, customer friendly website, you can easily showcase your products for sale. The homepage is the key to attract customers: it has to be noise-free, fresh and clean, employ eye-soothing color combinations, etc. The timely and orderly classification of inventories is essential to help the customers pick their choices. It can be based on age, color, prices, sizes, prices, country of origin, discount percentages, etc.

The website needs to be built in such a way that the customer can comment on and evaluate products, share experience of the product he has previously used and can subscribe to the website easily by leaving his email address in a specified box. The website has also to be integrated with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., so that the customer can conveniently like or share a content of your website.

Opening an YouTube channel

YouTube has brought revolutionary changes in the world of online business by letting businesses and individuals alike open channels to upload videos regarding products, review of an opinion on the products, and many other issues.
You should open a YouTube channel even before launching your particular inventories. Here, you can upload a large number of videos of your inventories. The videos have to be short- no more than 2 to 3 minutes, informative, attractive in both audio and visual presentation, etc. Invite the customers to leave their opinions on the comment section. You have to be prompt and succinct in addressing the points raised by customers, reply to their inquiries regarding the products and beyond.

Dedicated Facebook page

Facebook is the most used social networking sites now-a-days. A Facebook page dedicated to your business is instrumental to bring your inventories to the reach of the mass people. You can start with a Facebook page with glaring wallpaper and profile picture. By spending a small amount of money, you can advertise your page to the larger audience in a very short span of time. With time to time updating of posts and related sharing of your website contents, you can make sure that your inventories are well known to the mass customer base.

It has been observed that facebook is the easiest medium to interact with the customers as anyone can share their views instantly and in many cases, comment section of the facebook has the potential to turn out to be a public discussion arena. The comments and core points of discussion can be helpful in deciding which products to be launched, reintroduced, changed, and priced according to the demand of the customers.

Dedicated Work force

This is probably the most important part of online inventory management. If the workforce fails to keep up with latest trends of the virtual world, it is highly likely that your business venture would end up in smoke. The vital posts of the management have to be filled up with personnel with capacity to translate customer interactions into workable ideas and to integrate those ideas with the core business model. They have to be up-to-date, proactive, dynamic and flexible. The management must have to be quick in repairing in cases of malfunction and technical aberration.

Online inventory management is an integrated part of modern business world. If properly managed and executed, it can be the core strength of your business venture.

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