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how important is a crm system

Posted on June 22, 2014 in CRM

According to Wikipedia cloud CRM (or CRM cloud) means “any customer relationship management technology where the CRM software, CRM tools and the organization’s customer data resides in the cloud and is delivered to end-users via the Internet”.

This type of CRM offers employees the ability to log into the CRM system using any web-based tool where logins have been set up by the administrator and defined access levels across the organization. This type of access includes using any internet-enabled computer or device such as a smart phone, and often provides users with mobile applications that make it easier to use the CRM on smartphones and tablets.

A huge benefit of cloud-based CRM is its scalability and is designed to be flexible with expanding capacity so that your business can be scaled up or down. When talking about the cost of cloud-based CRM they are also scalable up and down, adding users is just a matter of contacting your provider and updating the system.

Cloud-based CRM is not only good for medium-sized businesses but works extremely well with small businesses as well especially since they lack the in-house IT expertise of deploying a large system on premises. The day-to-day managing of the CRM system in a cloud is up to the vendor will maintain, upgrade and fixed any type of bugs and glitches that come up in the system. Some other mentionable benefits of cloud CRM is its ability to integrate with commonly used office applications and email systems, it can also integrate with social data and do automatic data backups.

Large enterprise level companies are slow to adopt cloud-based CRM due to the fact that there is a huge customer database and it’s always slower when it’s larger. In a lot of cases hiring a team to deploy and on premises CRM system will be the right choice for enterprise level company but as cloud-based CRM improves and the technology gets better we are seeing more and more large companies move towards this type of system.

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