Importance of Project Management Tools

Posted on May 3, 2017 in Project Management


Timely execution and delivery of projects with finesse and met requirements is the prime goal of a team before starting out any assignment. Delivery of projects on time reflects the worth ethics of any organization. And the responsibility to take care of it lands in the hands of project manager.

Whether big or small, every organization requires project management tools to guide them and ensure efficient output within stipulated frame of time. Project management tools empower the manager and team to meet deadlines and reach set milestones without delaying and going beyond budget.

Now especially in small business where there is lack of resources as compared to larger organizations, it becomes a work in itself to know and meet the initially set agendas. If you notice the work environment of startups, (with an average workforce of around 80-100) you will find that a single employee working on a project is responsible for lot many processes that goes into making of that project without much scope of budget up gradation. There are chances of making immediate changes on client’s demand and thus the employee works in a highly volatile set up. In such a scenario, it is important to have a system to manage the ongoing flow of projects and make decisions based on progress status. Without appropriate tools it is almost impossible to carry out the task efficiently without hassle. Hence, it becomes necessary to be equipped with essential tools to keep the track and bring everybody on the same page.

To select an appropriate tool is pre-requisite for any project management. In startups, it is beneficial to go for the online project management software as they are cost effective rather than developing in-house.

inBold Online Project Management Tools

Create Apps: It is an incredibly powerful tool that helps you create apps and customize them according to the business needs. It is a platform that provides a number of templates to design your apps which can be modified as the requirement changes and the approval can be changed into any complex approval flow. It can lead to significant growth in your business.

The other significant features of this tool assist you to keep up with the project to accomplish it on time. Please check the list below.

Project Planning: In this step you do the overview of your project. Create tasks and decide milestones which help you to simplify the project regardless of its size and complexity. You can attain more control over your project and with the aid of recurring tasks and dependencies reach your goal much quicker.

Gantt Charts: These charts are quite helpful as it becomes easier to assess progress of any project in visual form.

Timesheets: Inbold has inbuilt multi-approval to keep a track on project hours of the employees and give them approval based on projects they are working on. This is indeed a problem solving feature in times where you have number of employees working on multiple projects.

Report Builder: This is an innately user friendly feature of Inbold’s project management tool with simple options like “drag and drop”. Its viability to create any report on finger tips enables users to exercise complete command over the data rather than depending on conventional data reports.

File Management: It allows you to integrate plenty of files into one of its application using the custom mapping tool. This lockable and file control feature ensures access to the latest copy of file only.

Thus, the inBold online project management tools is an extremely reliable tool which includes all the unique features to manage projects for businesses. It does not require paramount technical knowledge, thus making it the friendliest tool amongst the counterparts.

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