How Companies Waste Money on User Credential Recovery

Posted on July 17, 2015 in Accounting

With the recent rise in business systems, managing multiple credentials for each system a company uses has become a headache for most users. In addition to this, when users lose their login details, they have to contact a help desk which needs to be regularly staffed and adds to the expenses of a company. This process is highly inefficient and may even discourage users from using a service. Moreover, signing up for every service with a different password is sometimes an ordeal for new users. They want to use services with little or no additional effort. This process not only becomes costly for the company but also a problem for users.

While it is a very bad business strategy to have users sign up with different ids and passwords for every system a company uses, it also becomes much more difficult for the company to have an efficient credentials management system in place. Such an inefficient workflow slows down internal and external company procedures. This also means that In event of the loss of credentials, users have to go through a lengthy account recovery processes to gain access to services again.

What if users didn’t have to sign up for every system with a different id and a password? What if they could have an easy, secure and efficient login id and password to unlock any cloud based system a company offers?

Consolidated user credentials are a simple, yet effective solution to this. Every unique user has only a single user id and password for all the cloud based systems a company provides. This, not only, makes it much easier for the company to manage and track user ids, but also helps users manage their login details in a much more easier way. These user ids provide the added benefit of generating a much more user friendly database of users, which can be used for future references. Additionally, such a system would also prove very useful in reducing credential management costs for the company, as it would require lesser or no additional staff to handle lost passwords.

Thus, a superior option to the current multiple user ids is having single user ids and passwords for all the cloud based services a company provides. This will help make business processes much more efficient and easier for the users.

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