Great Leaders Have Great Negotiating Skills

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In an online video posted on, Learnvest founder Alexa von Tobel and Samuel Bacharach co-founder of Bacharach Leadership Group talk about demystifying the essential business skills of leaders and revealing how to instill them yourself and your employees.

One of the key things a leader needs to have when it comes to negotiation skills are is the ability to think before you speak. The majority of negotiation is preparation. You have to anticipate where the other party is coming from, how powerful the other party is, and the needs and wants of the other party. This can be done in the overall negotiating scheme or in your everyday negotiations with your staff. It seems that negotiation skills falls under the much broader umbrella of political skills. This is something that is needed in order to move a company forward in innovation and ideas.

Negotiating is such a big part of any leader’s job and it involves everything from staff to negotiating with customers, managers negotiating with staffs, and CEOs negotiating with managers. In today’s business environment there is great competition for business and negotiating skills will help you expand your territory. The work environment is made up groups that are very technically minded and very agile and negotiation is essential. Negotiating has replaced influence in today’s markets, and everything is open to negotiation and has to be recognized as a key leadership skill.

Posted on May 8, 2014 in HR, Project Management

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