What Gives A Timesheet Value?

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Posted on January 25, 2014 in Timesheet

Creating a timesheet is essential for saving money, generating revenue, and learning from how much time different jobs take to do. Even though they can be quite tedious to do, creating a timesheet that provides value reflects well on yourself as well as your company. However, many questions are asked on how to go about creating a timesheet with value.

hate-timesheetsIn order to do this it would be beneficial to explain how to make a timesheet that would be the opposite of providing value. In other words, one that everyone would hate. An example of this type of timesheet would be one that is chock full of ridiculous or weirdly specific questions that make it even more of an inconvenience for the poor employee to work on. Another way is to subtly make sure your employees know you are aware of their every move. You comment on the fact that they put 8:00 for starting work but actually only started at 8:04. You know that someone took ten minutes more for lunch because their kid got sick at daycare. Maybe you have never experienced someone this bad, but it is always a possibility.

Now onto what gives a timesheet value. The answer is simple: there is a specific ordered system that ensures a fairly valuable timesheet. Start with the Date and move on to “Time Spent” (which is made up of “From/To” and “Duration”), “Client”, “Project”, and “What you did” (made up of “Phase”, “Deliverable”, and the optional “Action”).

Having a timesheet with anything more than these essentials is putting too much. Following this structure makes it simple and easy to use and may even increase worker morale because of it. One might still not necessarily be jumping for joy when having to do it, but at least in this case, simplicity equates to better results.

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