Easy to use online timesheets ? Look for these 4 criteria

Posted on April 8, 2017 in News

The rise of digital technology means that businesses have more options than ever before to help them manage their workforce more effectively. There are few areas where the advantages of digital technology are more obvious than with an online timesheet. When you use digital technology to make it easy for your employees to submit their hours on time, your business can save precious financial resources as you reduce paperwork, limit mistakes, and save time on this mundane office task.As valuable as an online timesheet system can be, not all timesheets are created equal. How can you know which timesheet options will be the best fit for your company? The following criteria offer useful guidelines that will help you make your decision.

1. Customization and Ease of Use

Many companies recognize the value of implementing an online timesheet, but have trouble doing so because of the steep learning curve that is sometimes associated with new software. After all, while technology can help your company become much more efficient, a confusing software will only put more stumbling blocks in your employees’ path, making it difficult to enjoy the full benefits that an online timesheet could offer.

This is especially true when trying to set the parameters of the timesheet system that will be used by your team. Some timesheets are surprisingly complicated, making it difficult for you to add custom menu items or other options that might be beneficial to your company.

Because of this, your best option is to choose an online timesheet system that offers several customizable templates, allowing you to quickly set up an easy-to-use timesheet where your employees can input all necessary information. In most cases, the easier it is to set up your online timesheet, the easier it will be for your employees to learn to use it.

By using a customized, easy-to-learn timesheet, you can avoid lost productivity as your team is able to quickly master their new time tracking system. Most importantly, you can have confidence that you’ll always get all the information you need.

2. Easy Access

Whether you need to check on an employee’s hours over the weekend or one of your employees forgot to input their hours before they left the office, one of the greatest advantages offered by an online timesheet is the ability to have unprecedented access to hours management information. When you can access your timesheet from your smartphone or home computer, you can ensure that you’ll never be out of the loop–and that your employees won’t forget to input their hours.

Of course, these benefits won’t do you much good if you limit access to your office computers. Make sure that you give employees the ability to access their timesheet from a mobile device so information is always submitted on time.

3. Total Support

Even with an easy-to-set-up online timesheet, there’s no denying that occasional questions and troubleshooting will arise. Does your timesheet provider offer the level of support you need to deal with these challenges?

The best online timesheets provide a wealth of tutorials and other support materials to help you deal with any questions or problems you might encounter. From video tutorials that teach you how to customize certain elements of your timesheet to the ability to contact a customer service representative for individualized tech support, having the right team on your side will ensure that you never get stuck with your timesheet implementation.

4. Superior Reporting

Your timesheet can be used for so much more than tracking employee hours–and with superior online timesheet software, you can gain access to in-depth reporting that will improve your productivity and business results.

Whether you need something as simple as a way to track vacation time accrual or you want a more thorough analysis of how your employees are spending their working hours, the level of customization available in some online timesheets also extends to reporting. As you gain a clearer understanding of where your business is spending its time, you can take steps to improve efficiency and employee output, helping you become that much more profitable.

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