Customer Engagement

Posted on July 16, 2015 in Uncategorized

Having customers engage with you should never be seen as a forceful tactic. That means constant emails and a bombardment of marketing messages is not the right way to have good customer engagement. The ultimate goal is to make your customers want to engage with you, and that starts with them feeling valued. Obviously if a customer does not feel valued, neither your intentions nor theirs will lead to any engagement made. They will ignore your advances and at the same time they will also not want to make any of their own. You want your customers to be proactive and not reactive. The level of engagement between vendor and client can go from casual to intense at any time. If you can provide your customers with the capability and, most importantly, the state of mind to want to connect with you, engagement is present. An example of giving your customers the opportunity to engage with you is sending them discount coupons or free trials for more expensive services periodically. You do not expect each customer to take advantage of these offers every time but it gives them the opportunity. By presenting something of value to a loyal customer, you in turn make them feel valued. A customer that feels valued will feel like engaging with you. So the answer becomes simple: cater to your customers and reap the rewards of what they can offer you.

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