CRM Can Make You A Better Sales Rep

how to be a gamechanger with crm

Posted on September 28, 2014 in CRM

To be a good sales representative, you need charisma, passion, determination, and a way with words. When all of these qualities fit perfectly together you can guarantee that you will see yourself as a #gamechanger. Now, some sales reps might be perfectly fine at this level, but others may want to take their skills to the next level.

How does one go from being a good sales representative to a great one? The answer comes in a three-letter abbreviation: CRM. We’re of course not just talking about any Customer Relationship Management tool, but one that can automate sales and be flexible overall so that you can focus on closing those deals with customers.

Here’s how you can make that transition with CRM:

1. Automate Those Boring Tasks

Your job has its ups and downs, and manual data entry is definitely one of those downs. You can spend unwanted hours sending all different types of emails but you know you’re better than that. Leave more time for doing what you do best and start automating by building an email template with your trusty CRM. In this way you can list leads, select them, and send mass emails instead. It’s still personalized because you select who receives them but it saves you much more time than sending individual emails.

2. Get Your Emails Filtered

Scrolling through countless pesky emails can be tedious. Even if you’re done sending what has to be sent by the morning, the afternoon comes along and you see that you missed an email from an important prospect. Don’t fret. Just make sure your CRM has filtering capabilities, so that your prospects can show up in a separate email folder and they don’t have to get mixed with the others. On top of that, it would be wise to enable notifications, so that you can be instantly notified of important emails and can easily reply or follow up as quickly as possible.

3. Take Advantage of The Mobile App

Most CRM software out there has some sort of mobile application that is paired with the standard program. Taking advantage of mobile apps for CRM is especially useful for sales representatives in the field. Attending customer meetings, conferences, events, etc. can be exhuasting, so why not easily be able to add leads, create tasks, and read emails on your mobile device so that everything can update before you get home? A mobile CRM app is kind of a one-stop shop in this regard.

Transitioning from a good sales rep to a great one is now easier than ever before with CRM. What other nifty CRM features do you use for the betterment of your job?

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