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Posted on September 17, 2014 in CRM

Offering the best possible customer service is one of the many ways a business can distinguish itself from its competitors. Customer studies have shown that this is also the best way simply because more customers are willing to spend more time with a business that provides them with quick and easy solutions to their concerns or issues.

Small businesses tend to give better customer service because both parties have more of a personal connection. As small businesses grow, however, it can be difficult to maintain that same level of excellence in customer service. This is where the problem lies, but this is also where CRM can be a big help.

Businesses do not grow in the same way that customers do and so it is easy for a sort of divide to be formed once a business’ scale brings it to the next level. It is up to the business to therefore take responsibility to ensure no one feels left out. With CRM software, you can track all customer data from the first time of contact, and all in real-time. The data ranges from the client’s address and telephone number to more intricate things like, depending on your business, where sales were made, what the client purchased, where and when you met with the client, when a follow-up should take place, etc.

Making sure a business that is experiencing rapid expansion still invests in its customer relationships is a big deal. Having a competent administration or managerial team is not enough anymore when you need to keep track of ever-increasing rates of orders and sales. CRM allows you to easily keep track of everything, which in turn helps you stay focused on your core business, whatever it may be.

Another way Customer Relationship Management is helping businesses with growth is essentially by rearranging the infrastructure of the IT department. In other words, development maintenance, adding functionality, and more can now all be done by one employee with just a little bit of simple training. This dramatically lowers the cost of running and maintaining an IT department. CRM allows you to become your own IT specialist.

Human error in business can be quite common, especially with things like orders. Switching to an automated system with CRM reduces these types of embarrassing and sometimes very costly errors by up to 85%. In addition, your business will see a drastic reduction in accounts receivable, which shows just how much CRM helps you run your business processes more efficiently.

As previously mentioned, a growing company needs something to support the level of customer service that is needed in order to sustain itself profit-wise. Customer relationship management is that “next step” from your personal Excel document to an entire automated platform that is dedicated to making you and your customers happy.

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