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Posted on June 11, 2014 in CRM, Inventory

A contact manager is a software based program that allows users to easily store and find contact information such as address, telephone numbers and names. This type of software typically runs on a database and can have a calendar sharing feature and allows several people in a company to access the same information.

Contact management software (CMS) can provide some of the following benefits such as a centralized storage of contact information, a searchable database, tracking of sales, email integration, the scheduling of meetings and appointments, document management, notes and conversation management, customizable fields, and an import/export utility.

Contact management software differs from customer relationship management software in such that CMS system is used in a single interaction model with a single sales represent servicing a single role. A CRM is usually available to all sales representatives in a single job role. The majority of people who use a CMS system are smaller businesses or smaller departments within the larger businesses that do not require anything beyond tracking contact information.

Managing contacts is one of the most mission critical tasks in running a business today and your sales and marketing teams need the ability to quickly find the current status of an active opportunity in the database while support teams should be able to quickly find a contacts entire customer history.

Good contact management software will cover the basics such as address, telephone and the name of your contacts. You can get software packages that will build on these basics to provide a lot more flexible information. Some people have a home address, business address, and a mailing address as well as different formatting for overseas addresses. All of these things can be built upon to give you a more advanced and powerful solution. At some point you may want to consider upgrading to a CRM System.


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