Common Potential Issues Faced By First-Time Users

Posted on August 9, 2019 in Survey

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Online survey creation tool has its set of issues and problems, but none that cannot be familiarized with the right context. So, here are the most common issues faced by first-time users of these solutions.

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It is not just a problem with survey software solutions, but most importantly the rest of the industry. Free online survey tools will get hold of your list; no matter how translucent the terms and disclaimers of the seller, the fact is you have given away your list by uploading it into the system.

Survey Fatigue

What is a survey tool but to make survey projects easy to establish and launch at a low price? The downside is, anybody can handle the survey task, which leads to saturation of the responder pool or oversampling and low response rates.

Just how many surveys do you encounter in one browsing period and how many of these questionnaires you have given attention, really? In this topic, pen, paper & phone interviews may give a good substitute to grab responder’s attention.


Budget Is Pulled Down

Because many online survey tools are available at affordable cost, moreover free, management may be unsure to put the extra budget into your survey. This shift in standpoint glances at surveys as a function of software and not a professional discipline that requires investment to guarantee an information record of uprightness.


Depending On Software

Softwares are supposed to guide you or speedy path your survey design. It should not replace the design procedure itself. In short, software should fit your design and not the other way around. That is why most solutions let you twist the software to fine-tune it along with your design formation. If you depend on a template to design your questionnaire, you may be compromising the integrity of feedback.


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