What The Cloud Can Do For Human Resources

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Posted on September 24, 2014 in HR

Many industries in the business sector have already made the shift to the cloud. Be it the financial spere, the legal sphere, or others, they have embraced the cloud with (relatively) open arms. Despite this, there has always been Human Resources on the fence about how the cloud can help them. In the interest of showing you just how awesome and helpful the cloud can be for pretty much everyone, here are some ways the cloud can help HR:

1. You can form a HR cloud

HR departments not readily moving to the cloud makes sense. Tons and tons of personal data stored on a server in an undisclosed location, ready to be opened with a simple username and password. It’s enough to drive any hardened HR member crazy. The fact is, despite these potential setbacks, moving to the cloud still guarantees lower costs and higher flexibility. This is still hardly that compelling for old school, paper-centric HR veterans though.

2. Instant updating

Anyone in a traditional HR team knows that sooner or later (and probably sooner) they’re going to have to put in another disk to install the latest updated payroll software. This is to stay compliant with any new legislations being made within the government. Sometimes, it can become such a tedious hassle to manually update your software that you think you could afford to stick with the old one. I mean, how different can the new one be? You might have a point, but you’ll also be slapped with a nice fine. Not only that but inconsistencies in software can lead to you underpaying or overpaying your employees. You definitely don’t want your employees searching for greener pastures. The cloud can be the answer. Instant updating, usually overnight, means you get the latest versions by morning, your employees are satisfied, and you can potentially save your company a lot of money.

3. Everything moves quicker

The days of paper and colour-coding still exist, but do they have to exist to the degree of our forefathers? A decentralized system can lead to many errors and overall uneasiness in the workplace. On the other hand, a cloud-based system that enhances engagement can make a world of positive difference. Just imagine being able to request approval for leave in the comfort of your own home in seconds and then having it approved in a much more generous timeframe. This, and much more, is what a centralized system via the cloud can do for your company’s HR.

The cloud can definitely make HR better. From overall improved employee engagement to less incurred company costs and more flexibility, you have a way of reintroducing what HR is all about.

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