How to choose a report creator app : 5 things to look for

Posted on February 5, 2017 in Nouvelle

We live in the age of big data, and the amount of data that exists in the world is mind-boggling, but data itself is only as useful as the way you can understand it and analyze it. That’s where reports come in, and there are so many different types of reports for all sorts of business, or even personal, functions: whether you’re presenting important research to a client, checking KPIs, generating sales reports, looking for patterns to help you do your business better, or you’re even just tracking how your New Year’s resolutions are progressing, reporting helps you makes sense of data so that you can draw conclusions from it, understand how you’re progressing and make decisions accordingly.

Since there’s so many different kinds of reports, a report creator app has to be flexible, responsive and highly functional. Here’s 5 things that you should be looking for when deciding what app to use in order to meet your reporting needs.

1. Visualization

Especially if you’re reporting your data to clients, or using it in presentations, you want it to be presented in a visual way that’s aesthetically appealing and UX-friendly. For example, Business Insider has described the pie chart as “the worst chart in the world”, because despite its ubiquitous nature, it’s really not a very intuitive way to present your findings, and there’s far more attractive and informative options out there. After all, if your report is hard to read, or just looks boring, then your audience probably won’t read it, and they won’t learn anything from it.

A great report creator app will give you the flexibility to visualize your data in a way that is aesthetically pleasing and makes sense at a glance, so that it is presentable for clients and useful for you.

2. Connectiveness

If the report creator app you’re using can’t connect to the app you use to store your data, then it’s a very cumbersome process to create reports, especially when large amounts of data are involved. An app that is either integrated or able to connect to the apps you need, and can output its reports to other apps such as analytics tools, will make life a lot easier than spending hours or even days on data entry.

3. Accessibility

Before the cloud, traditional IT solutions essentially involved being stuck in the office if you wanted to access the information you needed. Whether you’re off-site for a job, you’re at home, or you’re about to give an important presentation and your laptop has crashed, the cloud allows you to access the data you need from anywhere.

If you don’t want to be chained to your desk, then a report creator app with cloud functionality will make a world of difference: you can bring up the data and create the report from your tablet, your phone, or the Internet kiosk at your hotel in the Maldives.

4. Customizability

There’s probably millions of report types generated every year, for an extraordinarily diverse range of purposes. As such, the clunky report creator apps that we used to be stuck with would often not be particularly useful, and customizing them for our needs would involve IT professionals, expensive changes and a whole lot of hassle. Fortunately, customizable options are becoming much more common than ever before, giving the traditional reporting systems a run for their money. If a generic report creator app won’t suit your unique needs, then customizability is key. (In particular, customizable dashboards are a great way to make sure that what you’re seeing on your screen is actually useful to you.)

5. Out-of-the-box functionality

While customizability is very important, you don’t want to have to customize everything: every business has its points of difference, but there are also many similarities, and having to build up entire reports from scratch can be more than a little bit frustrating. It’s important that your report creator app has a good range of templates that you can use as a base, so that you can take them and tweak them for your business.

A great report creator app can help you optimize processes, recognize patterns, and just do business better. We’re very proud of what we’ve created at InBold Solutions, and we’re looking forward to helping your business grow!

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