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Benefits of Online Invoicing

Everything is stored in the cloud In the presence of a cloud, you never have to worry about losing invoices or client information. You do not face email issues or computer crashing problems ever again. Everything is online automatically saved and stored in the software. Just sign in your account and everything you require starting…

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Top 10 key features why to choose Inbold’s Project management software

Key features why to choose Inbold’s Project management Software Project Management, sounds so big and daunting!! Doesn’t it? Handling a big project or a small one, the management team needs the skill sets, to stay vigilant and alert at every moment through out the whole project. But It is only human to error and to…

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Customer Engagement

Having customers engage with you should never be seen as a forceful tactic. That means constant emails and a bombardment of marketing messages is not the right way to have good customer engagement. The ultimate goal is to make your customers want to engage with you, and that starts with them feeling valued. Obviously if…

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Inbold Simplifies Web Forms, Reports And Apps

I’m old enough to remember when business software came in separate packages from different companies. We wrote letters an reports with WordPerfect, managed email with Eudora and juggled numbers with Lotus 1-2-3. I also remember how the arrival of Microsoft Office started a revolution by putting all of the most important office programs under one…

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