4 types of productivity platforms for fast-growing IT companies

Posted on March 4, 2017 in News

We all have the same number of hours in the day, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Rather than working long hours and burning out, harnessing the power of productivity to make the most of your working hours isn’t just better for your health: it’s better for business. Productivity platforms can make all the difference!If you’re in IT, and your company has been experiencing rapid growth (congratulations, by the way!), you’re probably finding that with this growth comes some new challenges that you may not have experience in. Larger projects, more projects, more people involved, and the need to collaborate and communicate effectively. By adding more structure to the way you do things, you can prevent circumstances where you’ve got 10 staff members who each spend an hour a week unnecessarily looking for obscurely-placed files, or having excessive meetings, etc.

The world of productivity tools has completely changed the way that businesses do what they do, but if you haven’t looked into it much before, you may find yourself somewhat overwhelmed by the number of choices out there! For the needs of fast-growing IT companies, certain productivity platforms are particularly worth focusing on.

Project management platforms

The discipline of project management has been around for decades, and the tools and theory are invaluable for business, but it can get rather cumbersome and even irritating at times: there’s a reason why you can take a whole degree in project management, but you shouldn’t have to become an expert in order to benefit from project management tools that just work! There are some great project management tools out there, which can be used for everything from personal projects to business projects both small and large. You’ll find that it’s so handy to have everything you and your team need to know about your various projects, at a click of a button!

Time management platforms

Time management platforms are a great way to figure out where your team – or even you – are not making good use of time. You don’t want to micro-manage your staff (after all, if they aren’t reliable, you shouldn’t have hired them!), but it’s very easy to not realize how much time you are spending on unproductive things, and we’re all often guilty of it. Perhaps you’re spending way too much time in one area of your work, and neglecting others (particularly the ones that you’re really not looking forward to). Or you’re spending too much time on non-core activities that you could get someone else to do, freeing up time for you to do what you do best. Time management platforms will help you and your team recognize such patterns and address them.

File management platforms

There is perhaps nothing more irritating than going through a file system organized by someone else (or multiple someone-elses) in a way that may have seemed logical to them, but seems utterly confusing to you. A well-organized file management platform that can be accessed by any staff that need access to the files (and for which security settings can be put in place, so that the right staff can access the right files and not the wrong ones!), and with extra functionalities that help the organizational side of things can help everyone do their job easier. Some file management platforms can also integrate with project management platforms, for an even more seamless and productive experience.

Scheduling platforms

When you leave the office for that holiday in Honolulu, there may still be things that need to be done, especially in terms of social media, e-mails, web content, etc. Rather than spending valuable time on work when you could have been relaxing poolside, using scheduling platforms means that you can do the work in advance and release it when you need to. After all, an uninterrupted holiday (or even weekend) will mean you’ll return to work refreshed and more productive !

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