3 Ways Your Mobile App Can Elevate Your Customer Experience

mobile customer experience

Posted on October 12, 2014 in CRM, HR

A crucial part of your business is maintaining strong relationships with your clients. It can be difficult to achieve in practice, but you need to deliver great service in order to keep and grow your customer base.

This is where the mobile world can help you. The powerful one-two punch of smartphones and mobile apps can definitely help elevate your customer’s experience. Here are 3 ways this is possible:

1. They improve customer service

Let’s face it: you are going to start getting calls sooner or later with questions about services your company provides and why your employee hasn’t arrived yet. Workforce management solutions can help wonders here, especially with real-time GPS tracking. Managers can now know where an employee has been thorughout the day in order to better assess productivity and whether or not they are meeting with customers on time. Also, new information can be pumped automatically to employees in order to better serve customers by being able to more effectively manage projects and clearly articulate to customers the status of their requests.

2. They optimize service delivery

Going hand in hand with improving customer service, it is very hard to estimate when exactly someone will arrive to you when all the information they give you is “between 12 and 5”. Instead of keeping your customers waiting in frustration, mobile apps and a centralized dashboard allow for managers and customer service representatives an easier time giving customers a more definitive response and arrival time.

3. They provide proof of service

Mobile workforce management solutions can even take things a step further and prove to the customer that the work has been done and done well. This can be with a combination of an app’s capability to take photos of completed work and tag their location via GPS in order to give solid evidence of a job well done. In addition, customer signatures can be captured or scanned with a barcode for additional verification.

Mobile apps are the perfect companion for an employee on the go. What can your business’ mobile app do for you? Sign up for inBOLD Solutions here.

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