3 Questions To Ask Yourself About Your Surveys

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Posted on October 3, 2014 in Survey

So let’s say you’ve designed an impressive looking survey and you’ve effectively and carefully considered your target audience. The only step left, which is also the most important, is getting your audience to actually take the survey. Usually the most common reason why people don’t bother taking or fully completing a survey is because they are boring or they feel like a chore. Here are some questions to ask yourself so that your surveys can be taken more seriously:

1. Is Your Survey Truly Attractive To Respondents?

Obviously the first thing someone is going to notice from your survey is its visual appeal. Try testing different fonts, colors, borders, etc. with small survey groups and see how well each one fares. Once you have a really beautiful and appealing survey, let it loose with a larger audience.

2. Are Your Questions Clear?

Having vague or difficult to answer questions on your survey immediately turns your respondents off to the thought of ever finishing it. With surveys, what you give will also be what you get. If your questions are vague or incomplete, so will the answers given. That kind of data just isn’t good for anybody.

3. Am I Only Thinking Of Myself?

This is a common mistake. Survey creators easily become distracted by what they like and what they want to see in a survey and don’t really pay attention to or keep in mind what their respondents want. More often than not, a respondent might not be willing to finish your survey because of your choice in color or vocabulary. Try keeping your target audience in mind at all times when creating a survey. Making sure that it is catered to them is the easiest way to acquire relevant information about them.

Of course, you can’t be completely certain if the changes you are making to your surveys are working unless you test them with a much smaller audience. It may sound tedious and repetitive, but testing your surveys (and testing them again) until perfection will go a very long way to getting to know your respondents on a much deeper level.

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