3 Basic Tips to get your Small Business Back on Track

Posted on September 16, 2014 in Project Management

Startups traditionally don’t run on a ton of money, so every decision you make and every step you take is extremely important. The details can be the difference between a successful business or a financial disaster.

The trick is to always keep calm and believe in the potential of your business. It can be extremely frustrating when you see your startup is going through setbacks and delays but if you stick with it and pull through, the rewards can be tremendous. Here are some tips to helping you grow your small business right:

1. Stop Hiring

Or in better terms, stop hiring more people than you should. It may seem that the more people on your team the better but the end result can be quite the opposite. More people means less work divvied up which means each employee feels less valuable as an asset. What you can do here instead is to first know what you need, whether it be web design, software engineering, or architecture, and then pick the best possible person in that field. Having less but more competent employees translates to more hard work being done and more benefits being reaped.

2. Set Up An Amazing Business Plan

Let’s face it, you always need to look at the future with a startup. The future is what motivates entrepreneurs to launch them in the first place. However, the future of your business might be looking a bit bleak if you don’t have a nicely crafted business plan. If you can accurately map out what you need and want (at least for the next five years) then you are automatically seen as a more viable business. This makes it infinitely easier to secure investment capital, or at least draw the attention of already successful people who can help you push further. A good business plan typically includes an executive summary, market analysis, a business description, strategies for implementation, a web plan, a management plan, and detailed financial analysis.

3. Take The Plunge Into Social Media

If you haven’t already, now is a better time than ever to take advantage of what a social media presence has to offer for your business. If you focus on producing quality content and showing genuine interest in customer feedback, you can watch as the flock comes knocking on your door. As a business on social media, you are not in some sort of upper echelon compared to individual users. This means that any @ mentions should be responded to and any inquiries or comments should be addressed or replied as soon as possible. This is what puts a human face on your business, and this is something that all users appreciate. It also helps to follow an overall theme. Are you an edgy and fun type of business? Your pictures and content should reflect that. Same if you lean more towards a stern and traditional “business-ey” approach.

Take these tips into consideration when launching or trying to grow any startup and watch how easily you can get back on track. It can be a pain to tiptoe through possible financial and ideological woes, but remember that every startup encounters these things at one point or another. With enough determination and personal belief, your idea might just become the next big thing.

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