Top 10 key features why to choose Inbold’s Project management software

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Key features why to choose Inbold’s Project management Software

Project Management, sounds so big and daunting!! Doesn’t it? Handling a big project or a small one, the management team needs the skill sets, to stay vigilant and alert at every moment through out the whole project. But It is only human to error and to miss some tasks or milestones. To help avoid these type of errors all one needs is a good project management tool.

A few questions for you to consider before deciding on a project management system.

  1. What is the biggest project worked on till now?
  2. How many projects I’ll be working on in the future?
  3. What’s the number of people working on each project?
  4. Am I organized enough to keep track and manage all tasks?
  5. What’s my budget limitations?


To help with the above questions more companies are moving towards a new technology; SAAS based software to simplify the project management process.

project management software

Let us discuss some basic project management features. Features which should not be ignored when selecting an online project management software.

Time Management

We can also call it time tracking. Keeping a log of employees time spent, will allow a project manager to have a detailed insight into the current costs of a project. Peoples time toward a project can greatly effect the cost for a company. Management of how a task is accomplished by who and in what time period is critical for a successful project.


Estimation of a project is the most crucial task of bidding on a project. With Project Management Software, accuracy of estimation can be determined up to 99.99%.

Integration with invoicing software

Invoicing software can be integrated with the project management system which will speed up and and help keep projects moving forward.

Task Management

Generate as many tasks as needed for your project success. Generate recurring tasks can also be created. Take advantage by automating work flows of completed tasks and automatically assign tasks through emails.


Chart based representation of a Project Management Process – GANTT charts and weekly reports, which you can view quickly to gain an overall idea about the pending tasks and the accuracy of the project.  The Charts can be seen with one quick look on the dashboard or viewed on quickly generated reports.

Dashboard for Project Managers

Use a friendly dashboard for Project Managers to assign real time task assignment. Overall insight of the project through GANTT charts, milestones, tasks applications and reports. Are a few things that can be viewed quickly on the customizable dashboard.

Time Sheet management

With features such as time tracking inBOLD provides the tools for tracking project hours, approve task of each employee in multi-layer approval application, which can be customized for any company needs.

Report customization

No need to rely on generic data given to you. A project manager can generate an automated report with drag and drop options as per your need. Since every project management step is being tracked by this project scheduling software, accuracy of generating reports is 100%.


InBold has come up with a collaboration tool to help projects and employees work better and to further the projects growth. One of the project management techniques is to involve the entire team to work together. Inbold knows software systems, but at the same time knows motivational factors and human needs. Collaboration is one such tool where clients, vendors, employees and consultants all can voice out their opinions. All working together with one goal in mind… completion of the project and tasks with a motivated employee .

File Management

The team can upload as many files as needed as per the features and requirements of the project. Files can also be locked for security purposes.

Bug Tracker

You can track and monitor issues related to the project in the bug tracking software. Prioritize and assign it as needed.

Conclusion :

Project management can be a huge task but if considering these usefull features in a project tracking software can greatly cut down your efforts and deliver great results.

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