Posted on August 14, 2017 in AppBuilder, Blog


How To Make App With An Online Web App Builder

The days are gone when you needed development teams to build an App required in your business. Now is the time to have one web software through which you can build the most efficient web Application needed in your business. Already it seems quite easy. IT people call it as a revolution that can make…

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Posted on May 3, 2017 in Project Management


Importance of Project Management Tools

Timely execution and delivery of projects with finesse and met requirements is the prime goal of a team before starting out any assignment. Delivery of projects on time reflects the worth ethics of any organization. And the responsibility to take care of it lands in the hands of project manager. Whether big or small, every…

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Create your own timesheet form : a step-by-step guide

When it comes to tracking employee hours, managing vacation accrual, and determining how your employees are spending their time on a day-to-day basis, nothing is better than a timesheet form. With the help of modern online timesheet software, keeping track of your employees and generating actionable reports has become easier than ever, allowing companies both…

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6 tips to a faster order processing system for small online stores

Small online stores face many challenges in their efforts to compete with major retailers, and nowhere can the gap be more apparent than in order processing. Far too many businesses have lost customers due to a slow shipping process or a failure in restocking inventory–simple mistakes that could easily be avoided with a quality order…

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Easy to use online timesheets ? Look for these 4 criteria

The rise of digital technology means that businesses have more options than ever before to help them manage their workforce more effectively. There are few areas where the advantages of digital technology are more obvious than with an online timesheet. When you use digital technology to make it easy for your employees to submit their…

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6 must-read project management books for entrepreneurs

If you’re starting or sustaining a business, knowing how to keep your projects – and your business! – organized can be the difference between failure and success. You may have thought of project management as something that specialists do in corporations, but it’s vital for start-ups too. A well-planned structure helps you track what progress…

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4 types of productivity platforms for fast-growing IT companies

We all have the same number of hours in the day, but it’s what you do with it that counts. Rather than working long hours and burning out, harnessing the power of productivity to make the most of your working hours isn’t just better for your health: it’s better for business. Productivity platforms can make…

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Pre-made websites : good or bad idea when you start a business ?

Pre-made websites have been rising in popularity, especially in recent years. Attractive content management software and website creation packages have come out that allow a professional-looking website to be designed without needing to know how to code. However, there are advantages and disadvantages to using out-of-the-box solutions versus solutions that are tailored to your needs.As…

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How to choose a report creator app : 5 things to look for

We live in the age of big data, and the amount of data that exists in the world is mind-boggling, but data itself is only as useful as the way you can understand it and analyze it. That’s where reports come in, and there are so many different types of reports for all sorts of…

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